Istiklal- A Street never gets old.

This three-kilometer long, pedestrian-only avenue on the European side of the city acts as the heart of the shopping/entertainment/nightlife district of Beyoglu, with an endless variety of both local and international stores, bookshops, cafes, restaurants, meyhane, food stalls, chestnut vendors, bakeries, bars, clubs, shisha cafes, tea houses and so much more lining both the street itself... Continue Reading →


Café Aylanto

One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.Restaurants and cafes seem to pop up everywhere but Cafe Aylanto is one of the most famous chains of restaurants, specializing in the tantalizing taste of Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, with restaurants in Pakistan, one in Karachi and one in Lahore.... Continue Reading →

SEPHUBx Sopritti (Shaan-e-Pakistan)

Shaan-e-Pakistan is a cultural amalgamation and collaboration of Fashion; Art and Music. It not only hosts Pakistani Talent and Emerging Talent to give a platform to them but also hosts International Talent in order to ensure the Platform bring value on board and showcase Pakistan in a positive light and that how we all our... Continue Reading →

The Roadside Gallery

Karachi the “city of lights” once was the city of peace along with its beautiful walls. If there’s a revolution taking place in a country, it is perhaps on the walls of Karachi. Various artists have come together to replace hateful, political and religious graffiti with colorful art and messages of peace. These zealous heroes... Continue Reading →


Topkapı Palace has been a museum since 1924 and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Istanbul.  I was fortunate enough to visit Topkapı Palace on a beautiful spring day when everything was green and in bloom, enjoying the fabulous architecture and artifacts despite many buildings being closed for renovation.  One can spend a full day... Continue Reading →

“Turkey, a trip to remember”

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” Saint Augustine I have always heard this quote from others but was unaware of its actual meaning till I got the opportunity of visiting Turkey. I always had a dream to explore the world, to travel and to learn. I... Continue Reading →

Oldest Market In The Heart Of Karachi

Empress Market Is located in Saddar Town of Karachi, Sindh, Pkaistan. Empress Market was built in 1889 ans was named in honour of Queen Victoria, Empress of British Empire in South Asia. Empress Market is the central shopping centre of Karachi. “It is a beautiful gothic style building of the colonial era and was constructed... Continue Reading →

The Tea Of Turkey

“Conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon". This is an old Turkish proverb from the Sivas Province in central Turkey and in Turkish culture, it couldn’t be more true! Turkish tea, more familiarly known as ‘çay’ is the most commonly consumed hot drink in Turkey, despite the country’s association with coffee.... Continue Reading →

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